Puget Sound Civil War Roundtable

Civil War Education, Remembrance and Preservation


Attendee Comments

This was an excellent idea, and you and the others did a great job putting it together. I have a lot to take home to my members. Thanks,

Gordy Morgan
Mahoning Valley CWRT

Thanks very much!

Mary-Elizabeth Ellard
Atlanta CWRT

Thanks Mike

Roger Leturno
Fredericksburg CWRT

Thanks for all the info. Much appreciated.   I have already liked your CWRT on FB, and do expect to have a couple of questions within the next week.  I mentioned I have already written a first draft hour long presentation that will be heard at my Ottawa group the last thurs [Thursday] of this month.......and then I will knock it down to 10 or 15 minutes to present to the Kingston group the week after !! It was great meeting everyone.  Thanks again,

Susan Schmidt
CWRT Ottawa

Thank you so much to all who had a hand in this fantastic congress!!   I came away with many new ideas/thoughts to take to share with my Roundtable. 

Theresa Chevery
Chesapeake CWRT

Please allow Scott Britton and me to express our sincere thanks for the CWRT Congress you led last Saturday.  It was an outstanding event and we appreciate all of the effort that you and the organization dedicated to this event in order to secure it's success.

Of course, Sunday's tour of Second Manassas was a dream-come-true under the care of our narrator, Ranger Hank Elliott.  I'm sure that the battlefield tours planned on last Monday and Tuesday were equally informative and regret that we were unable to join you.  Our misfortune!

Thank you for your leadership and we look forward to joining you for next year's CWRT Congress.

Leight Murray
Recording Secretary
CWRT of the Mid-Ohio Valley

Thanks so much for a wonderful CWRT Congress. It was so well organized and thought out. I learned a lot and will share it with our members.

Dee Ann Smith
Bucks County CWRT

Thanks,  Mike.  Sorry I missed it and a chance to meet fellow CW enthusiasts. I had the tour and meeting dates flipped. Couldn't have done yesterday anyway as I was committed to a Wounded Warrior tour to Antietam so it was probably wishful thinking.

We had several folks there yesterday and they can update me along with your handouts. Thanks for doing this.

Susan Claffey

Thanks for the interesting conference on Saturday and I hope you liked the maps I produced for the agenda packet.  I have PDFs of all the maps, including one we didn't add to the packet which shows all the active roundtables without the canons on who was attending.  If those would be helpful, let me know.

I did go home and "liked" your page, but I didn't get your "8am packet".  

Hope you had a good tour with Hank today of the Battlefield.  The next time I get out to Seattle, I'll send you an e-mail to see if I can match up with your meetings. Thanks again

Kimball Brace
Bull Run CWRT

Great talk today!!

Kurt DeSoto
CWRT of the District of Columbia

Happy to finally meet you and thank you for all of your time and efforts to put this program on and hope you don't mind but I will be sharing the information with the CWRT's who attended the Regional meeting in Kenosha.

Rick Zarr
Salt Creek CWRT

I was typing up notes of speakers' remarks for a friend who wanted to but could not attend the event. I told him that not only was the Congress great but so well organized that whatever Mike Movius is part of in the future, I'll be there.

Thank you for an imaginative and fact-filled Congress.

Regina Daly
Capital District CWRT