Puget Sound Civil War Roundtable

Civil War Education, Remembrance and Preservation


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Womans Relief Corps obelisk - Washington Soldier’s Home Cemetery, Orting

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GAR Obelisk
L. C. Ladd
Womens Relief Corps #39.
Woodbine Cemetery,

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Womans Relief Corps obelisk - GAR Cemetery, Seattle

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Grand Army of the Republic monument - Masonic Memorial Park, Tumwater

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United Daughters of the Confederacy monument - Lake View Cemetery, Seattle

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In our youth, our hearts were touched with fire.
We have shared the incommunicable experience of war.
We have felt, we still feel
the passion of life to the top - Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. - GAR Cemetery, Seattle

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Grand Army of the Republic archway - Ivy Green Cemetery, Bremerton

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Womans Relief Corps monument - Laurel Grove Cemetery, Port Townsend

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Grand Army of the Republic obelisk and monument - GAR Cemetery, Snohomish

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United Daughters of the Confederacy celebrating State Route 99 as the Jefferson Davis Highway - Ridgefield

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Womans Relief Corps - Greenwood Memorial Terrace Cemetery, Spokane

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Garfield County Monument - Pomeroy

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Hiram Randall Gale Last surviving member of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR).
Evergreen-Washelli Memorial Park, Seattle

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Fort Colville Monument in Stevens County

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Womans Relief Corps #9 &
Meade Post #9 GAR Tahoma Cemetery, Yakima

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Haller Fountain
Port Townsend