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Important Dispatches


By Mark Terry
Those of you who were at the March meeting of the Round Table heard Treasurer Jeff Rombauer’s statement that compared to a year ago, the PSCWRT is $3,000 short in the treasury. Why? Because most of our speakers this season have been from out of town. With air fare and lodging costing us about $1,000 per speaker, this adds up fast! This means that our annual auction for the 2016-2017 season will have to raise some more funds to overcome this deficit.

Here is the thing. It is up to all of us to make the PSCWRT succeed. Please contribute to the cause by first, bringing items to donate to raise funds. Second, be generous in your donations and in bidding on items in the silent and live auctions. If you can, don’t try getting bargains, but pay for what an item is worth. You will feel better about yourself!

Unlike 2016, the plan is to keep the silent auction going from 6-8. We want as many bids on items as possible. We are also hoping to get the live auction done by 8 p.m. to allow our speaker the time he needs for his presentation. Take note that dinner will be served in the middle of all this, so be prepared. The live auction will be run by Dick Miller, who has kindly volunteered once more. Thank you, Dick!

Some reminders:
  • Plan ahead to bring items for the auctions. Have the bid sheets filled out before you arrive. Bid sheets can be downloaded on the website. Make as many copies as you need.
  • Donated items do not have to be Civil War related! Donate what people will want to bid on. Sports tickets do well, as do baked goods such as pies, cookies, etc.
  • For live auction items, try to communicate with Dick Miller in advance. If you cannot, that is okay. You can contact him via email DICK MILLER
  • Arrive EARLY to China Harbor. The sooner we can set up, the better.
  • Think generous in donations and bidding!!!

Click the link for ALL THINGS AUCTION


Several members have birthdays in this month and we’d like to acknowledge their special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
  • Eric Dempsey
  • Susan Martin
  • Stephen Pierce
  • Jay Rusling
  • Jay Secord
  • Kim Terry


By Mike Movius
For those of you paying attention to our financial picture, it’s not surprising that costs continue to rise to fly speakers to Seattle to speak to us. And, of course, the corollary is that hotel stays are also costing more. All that means that our treasury continues to be assailed by these and other costs…web hosting, social media, marketing materials, postage, etc.

So, the board will be putting forward a dues increase initiative during the May meeting. The increase the board is proposing is from the current $20 per year for individuals to $25. The dues rate for a couple, $25 per year, will be unchanged.

This year, 40% of members are already paying $25, to include their spouses. So, for them, there is effectively no change, even though most spouses don’t come to meetings. Moreover, with this increase, we realistically expect a modest $360 in additional revenue.

If you have an issue with the increase, please be prepared to voice it during our business meeting on May 11th.