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By Mark Terry
Thanks to all of you who came to our April meeting and contributed to the Annual Auction! I don’t have numbers from previous years, but I would venture to say that this was our most successful auction to date. Lifetime Member John Hinds who has retired to Texas jumpstarted the donations by sending us a check for $500! In his letter, he wrote the following,

“Sent in memory of the Tioga, Pennsylvania “Mountaineers”- the men- mostly boys- of Company B, 101st Pa. Veteran Volunteer Infantry, AKA the Plymouth NC Pilgrims.”

Here are the results of the auction, per the report of Jeff Rombauer, Treasurer:

Donations = $2,531.00
Live Auction = $842.00
Silent Auction = $611.00

GRAND TOTAL = $3,984.00

Credit must be given to Stephen Pierce, who gracefully volunteered to be the coordinator when no one else would. Also, our MC and Auctioneer Dick Miller, who came up with the idea to ask for donations during the live auction. He began by asking for $200 donations, then $100 and so on, so that everyone could contribute what they could afford. It was those donations, primed by John Hinds’ and his $500 that really pushed the total to almost $4,000! Thank you all for your generosity and commitment to the Puget Sound Civil War Round Table!!!


Richard Dickson
Larry Johnson
Donald Larson
Mike Leopold
Steve Murphy

Sandra Crain
Patrick S. Henry
John Hough

Steve Olsen
Gary Preston
Anne Terrell
Paul Timmerman

Larry Jilbert
Greg Marshall
Dick Miller
Cynthia Wilson
Bob Woolworth, Jr.
Ned Noel
Janice Olson