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President's Corner


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By Mike Movius
Over the last year, we have struggled to take the first steps in creating a ladies’ forum for PSCWRT. But now, we are nearly ready to begin marketing. On Thursday, September 21st at 6:30 p.m. in the Bellevue Public Library, we will be hosting Joanne Rajoppi who will be our first speaker. Joanne is the author of “Northern Women in the Aftermath of the Civil War: The Wives and Daughters of the Brunswick Boys.

Briefly, Northern Women tells the story of the perseverance and stamina of women facing an altered world, many of whom were confronted by widowhood, burdened with returning soldiers addicted to alcoholism or drugs, or strained by the care of men suffering from post-traumatic stress. The story of the Hamilton family relates the legacy as well as the dreams and hopes that these women left their children in the context of a rapidly evolving America – the new Federal pension system, the westward migration, industrialization and the start of the modern business culture – all of which opened new careers for women leading to their eventual emancipation at the start of the twentieth century.

Steve Clayton, VP of Partnerships, has developed a nice working relationship with the King County Library System and Jeff Kempe, Adult Services Coordinator. Jeff is working with his staff to develop marketing tools to assist in bringing interested women to Ms. Rajoppi’s presentation.

If all goes well, we hope to hold the Behind the Lines forum at least twice a year. Although we will ask attendees to become members of the round table, we expect that their interests will be other than battlefield military strategy. We hope that you will all attend, and invite friends to do so as well.

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