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The Last Word


Pasted Graphic
Courtesy of Robert Caudle of The American Civil War Facebook Group.

By Mark R. Terry

The title is the caption for the cartoon above. Just thought I’d end the 2016-17 PSCWRT season in a lighthearted way. But it really is an interesting question to consider. Does our love of Civil War history ever go away? I was bitten by the “bug” at the age of seven and a half in a Los Angeles suburb in 1966. When did it happen to you? Yes, there was a time in my life when it was diminished by college and sports, but gradually it returned full bore a few years later. In 1993 I started participating in Civil War reenacting. You have to be a “nut” to do that. The following year, Kim and I were invited to a meeting of the Puget Sound Civil War Round Table. We’ve been members ever since. I guess that suffices as well. What’s scary about the cartoon is that I have a room in our house that looks very much like that!

Thank you everyone for a very successful CWRT season in 2016-2017. It can’t be said enough that without the support and participation of our members, the PSCWRT would not exist. Many of you have “gone the extra mile” to take the time, effort, energy and expense to do special projects. Others have volunteered to help with special events such as the Annual Auction. If we took the time to name everyone, it would fill several pages, and even then we’d probably miss someone.

Lastly, I want to thank the PSCWRT Board for all of the work they have done this year to promote the Round Table and to improve what we do. No group or organization succeeds without great leadership, and I believe we have that. Even so, YOU are invited to join the board or a standing committee if you want to make the PSCWRT even better going forward.

Have a wonderful summer and we will see you in September!!!


The PSCWRT season goes from September to the following May. Dues should be paid in September. They are payable either at the meeting or by mail: $25. Also, donations are gratefully accepted. These will help secure speakers for our meetings.

Please note that all donations are tax deductible as the PSCWRT is a 501(c)3 organization. Mail to: Jeff Rombauer, Treasurer, 22306 255th Ave. SE, Maple Valley, WA 98038-7626. Call 425-432-1346, or email: jeffrombauer@foxinternet.com.
We welcome your article or research submissions for the newsletter, but they may be edited. The deadline for the next Washington Volunteer is the last Monday of this month. Please have it in Mark Terry’s hands via email or snail-mail by then. Thank you!