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Civil War Education, Remembrance and Preservation


This section contains titles and links to books of all descriptions that are available for your use on an e-reader such as a Kindle or iPad. All of these books are FREE and many were written by major figures in the Civil War.


Personal Recollections of a Cavalry Officer
by James Harvey Kidd

A Brevet Brigadier General in the 6th Michigan Cavalry  (1908)
Strange Stories of the Civil War
by Robert Shackleton

Collection of short narratives (1907)
American Caricatures Pertaining to the Civil War
A book of political cartoons (1892)
Downing's Civil War Diary
by Alexander G. Downing

11th Iowa Infantry Regiment (1916)
Civil War Memories
by James Brainerd Taylor Tupper

Massachusetts Infantry (1917)
Frank Leslie's Scenes and Portraits of the Civil War
Artistic drawings of Civil War scenes (1894)
Civil War Times
by Daniel Wait Howe

Army of the Cumberland (1902)
Memories of the Civil War
by Henry B. James

32nd Massachusetts Infantry Regiment (1898)
Reminiscences of the Civil War
by John W. Stevens

Texas Brigade - CSA (1902)
Reminiscences of the Civil War
by John B. Gordon

Southern States Biography (1904)
Civil War in West Virginia
by David Lane Winthrop (1921)
Recollections of the Civil War
by Charles Anderson Dana

Observations of the military and Lincoln administration (1902)
Charleston During the Civil War
by Theodore Dehon Jervey (1915)
Famous Adventures and Prison Escapes of the Civil War
by George Washington Cable

Series of short stories and diary accounts (1898)
John Randolph Buttolph - Civil War Memoirs (1861-65)
Diary of enlisted man in the 2nd Iowa Battery
The Navy in the Civil War Volume 1 & Volume 2
by James Russell Soley (1883)

Reminiscences of the Civil War, 1861 - 1865
by Preston Lafayette Ledford

14th North Carolina Infantry Regiment (1909)
Incidents and Anecdotes of the Civil War
by David Dixon Porter (1886)
Reminiscences of California and the Civil War
by Daniel Colledge Fletcher (1894)