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Civil War Music

The Civil War era is probably one of the most sentimental times in American history. So, it's not unpredictable that many of the songs of the day were dripping with nostalgic, tenderheartedness. But, because of the patriotic fervor, Civil War music also had a stirring emotionalism that was used by field commanders to get their troops through long marches and battles.

Music Reviews

Way back when, my mom gave me the vinyl LP version for Christmas. Unfortunately, somewhere between moves I lost it. Recently I found the audio CD and was thrilled that Stephen Foster songs were included- which the original didn't have (more about that shortly). Normally when it comes to this kind of music, the more authentic the better, but for some reason I love the treatment the MTC gives to this CD. The arrangements bring out the emotion of each song and of course the singing is excellent. The order is also well thought out, with upbeat martial tunes alternating with the slower, more sentimental songs. The first time I listened, I almost cried with the beauty of some of the tracks [my daughter is named after one of the songs, so that probably has something to do with it].
Mark Terry