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Reenactor Resources

Silas' Library

Confederate States of America

Co. A, Mahone's Sharpshooters
Confederate States Chaplain Corps.
Confederate States Marine Corp. Co. A
Breckinridge Greys
King's Battery Mountaineers
Pillow Flying Artillery
Porter's Battery
1st Confederate Battalion, Co. A

United States of America

Federal Generals Corps
Division Cavalry Brigade
Pulaski Battery
Robinson's Battery
West Side Soldiers Aid Society
1st Regiment of Sharpshooters, Co. H
1st Section, U S Signal Corps
4th US Artillery Bat. A
4th U.S. Medical

14th Alabama Volunteer Infantry, Co. G
58th Alabama Infantry Co. F

2nd California Cavalry Co. F

2nd Connecticut Reg Vol Heavy Artillery

2nd Florida Volunteer Infantry Reg Co D

Georgia CSMC Co. C
2nd Bat Georgia Sharpshooters Co. A
4th Georgia Co. E Volunteer Infantry
52nd Georgia Volunteer Infantry Co I
12th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regt Co. F Davis Guards

2nd Illinois Light Artillery, Bat. G
10th Illinois Volunteer Cavalry Regiment
12th Illinois Cavalry Co. F

14th Indiana Infantry Volunteers, Co. A

Army of the Southwest
3rd Iowa Cavalry

Lexington Rifles
1st Regt. Kentucky Volunteers, Co. E
2nd Kentucky Cavalry, CSA
2nd Kentucky CSA Morgan's Artillery
6th Kentucky Infantry (CSA)
5th Kentucky Infantry Regiment
7th Kentucky, Co. A (US)
8th Kentucky Infantry

1st Maine Cavalry

1st Maryland Cavalry Battalion
1st Maryland Volunteer Infantry (US)
4th Maryland Light Artillery

22nd Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry
28th Massachusetts Vol Infantry 4th Regiment

4th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Co. A

Stanford's Mississippi Battery
42nd Mississippi, Co. I
46th Mississippi Infantry

2nd Missouri Infantry Co. K
4th Missouri Co. E, CSA/MSG

New Hampshire
3rd New Hampshire Volunteers
6th New Hampshire Volunteers, Co. C
6th New Hampshire Infantry Co. E

New Jersey
7th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, Co. D

New York
2nd New York Volunteer Cavalry
5th New York Regimental Cavalry, Co
9th New York Cavalry, Co. A
88th New York Co. B
148th New York Volunteer Infantry

North Carolina
2nd North Carolina Mounted Infantry
23rd North Carolina Troops Co. D
30th North Carolina Troops Co. K
34th North Carolina Reenactment Group, Co. H
47th North Carolina Volunteers
63rd North Carolina ST

4th Ohio Volunteer Infantry
105th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

Cascade Civil War Society

Civilians of Gettysburg
1st Pennsylvania Reserve Volunteer Corps Field Music
3rd Pennsylvania Light Artillery, Bat B
54th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Co. A
104th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
118th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers
149th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry, Co. H

South Carolina
Palmetto Riflemen & New York Zouaves
1st South Carolina Vol Infantry Co. H
17th South Carolina Infantry
20th South Carolina Infantry
22nd South Carolina Infantry
22nd Regt Rifles South Carolina Vol

Burroughs' Battery Tennessee Light Artillery
3rd Tennessee Regimental Cavalry Cos. C & D
4th Tennessee Cavalry Regiment

1st Texas Co. H
12th Texas Infantry

Graysons Blue/Gray Society of SW Virginia
Huckstep's 1st Fluvanna Virginia Battery
Stonewall Brigade
5th Virginia Infantry
10th Virginia Co B
10th Virginia Volunteer Infantry, Co. G
13th Virginia Infantry, Co. I
24th Virginia Infantry Regiment

West Virginia
13th West Virginia Infantry (US)

9th Wisconsin / 9th Arkansas Living Historians
17th Wisconsin & Missouri State Guard

Washington Civil War Association